Utilizing Google My Business for your medical spa can greatly enhance your cosmetic practice’s marketing efforts. By harnessing the power of this tool, you’ll attract more leads and drive traffic to your website. This comprehensive article will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to create and optimize a Google My Business account for your clinic.

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Table of Contents:

1. Understanding Google My Business for Medical Spa
   1.2 How does Google My Business (GMB) operate?
   1.3 The advantages of using Google My Business for your medical spa
2. Establishing Your Business Profile
   2.1 Creating a business profile tailored to your medical spa clinic
3. Customizing and Optimizing Your Business Profile
   3.1 Setting business hours and messaging options for your medical spa clinic
   3.2 Adding detailed descriptions and captivating photos of your medical spa practice
4. Optimizing Your Google My Business Account for Your Medical Spa
   4.1 Publishing valuable content pertaining to your medical spa practice
   4.2 Ensuring accuracy and completeness of your business profile information
   4.3 Business name, category, and address
   4.4 Business hours, contact number, and website details
   4.5 Products and services offered
   4.6 Key attributes of your clinic
   4.7 Compelling business description and opening date
   4.8 Exploring insights, reviews, and messaging features
   4.9 Leveraging Google My Business insights to gain valuable data
   4.10 Managing and responding to reviews for your business profile
   4.11 Making the most of the messaging option to engage with potential clients
   4.12 Showcasing your medical spa practice through captivating photos
   4.13 Unveiling the Google My Business website feature
5. Start Generating More Leads Today with Google My Business for Your Medical Spa

1. Google My Business for Medical Spa

How Does Google My Business (GMB) Function?

Google My Business is an advertising tool provided by Google that allows you to manage and enhance the content of your business profile on Google for free. Optimizing your tool through Google My Business increases the likelihood of your business profile ranking first in Google’s local map pack.

Here’s a preview of what a business profile looks like on Google’s map pack:

With Google My Business, you have the ability to add photos, create posts, respond to Google reviews, include promotions on your business profile, and more. However, how exactly does your Medical Spa practice benefit from Google My Business?

2. Why Should Medical Spa Utilize Google My Business?

Data and statistics demonstrate a consistent rise in cosmetic procedures, even amidst the ongoing pandemic. The market value is projected to reach 46 billion by 2026, which is a substantial 75% increase compared to its value in 2016. This growth might be attributed to the increased opportunity for recovery and isolation that comes with remote work conditions.

Due to this surge in demand, the Medical Spa industry has become more competitive as individuals seek out surgeons capable of performing their desired procedures. Attaining the top position in Google’s local map pack is an effective way to elevate your marketing strategy.

Based on research conducted by Google, 70% of mobile users who recently made a purchase utilized the ‘click to call’ feature. This feature can be added to your Google map pack listing and typically appears as the primary option on Google’s results page.

3. Setting Up Your Business Profile

3.1 Establishing a Business Profile for Your Medical Spa Clinic

To generate a business profile for your clinic, navigate to Google My Business and select ‘Manage Now’.

Next, select ‘Add your business to Google’. This option applies if you haven’t previously created a business profile for your clinic. If you already have one and simply wish to claim it using Google My Business, search for your business and connect it to your GMB account. You can then proceed to the optimization phase.

Provide your business name and select the appropriate category for your business. For the category, you can choose either ‘Medical Spa’ or ‘plastic surgeon clinic’.

The subsequent step entails adding the location of your clinic.

Google will verify whether you are creating a duplicate business profile. In the event existing businesses are displayed at the provided address, click ‘none of these’.

In this section, Google may inquire about delivery or home services, primarily relevant for restaurants and other business types. Click ‘no’ to skip this step.

Next, input your contact phone number and website. It is imperative to have a phone number for potential patients to call, as it facilitates swift communication and inquiry regarding your clinic. Remember, data suggests that ‘click-to-calls’ tend to result in more conversions compared to lacking one.

Regarding the website, if you don’t have one, you can select ‘I don’t have a website’. Rest assured, Google provides a feature that allows you to edit and create a GMB website. However, it is generally recommended to have a dedicated website for your Medical Spa practice, where you can showcase your services, information, and offers. If you require assistance in creating a website, feel free to schedule a free consultation with our experts.

The subsequent step involves verifying your business profile. Enter either your name or the receiver’s name, and Google will mail a verification code to the provided address within 14 days. Ensure that you refrain from making any modifications to your business profile until your account is verified.

Record a video of your business

Show your location, equipment and proof of management. Your video is only used for verification and won’t be shown publicly

3.2 Customizing and optimizing your business profile

Once you’ve created your business profile, it’s crucial to add essential information that will be visible to your viewers.

3.3 Setting business hours and messaging options for your Medical Spa clinic

Establish the operating hours for your clinic to ensure availability when potential patients make inquiries. 

Additionally, you can choose whether or not to receive messages on your Google My Business account, keeping in mind the extra responsibility of managing another messaging platform.

3.4 Incorporating a description and photos of your Medical Spa practice

Following that, it’s necessary to input important details about your Medical Spa practice with a maximum limit of 750 characters. Make sure to make it engaging and captivating.

Market studies have shown that business profiles with a greater number of Google My Business photos receive more views compared to profiles with fewer photos. Hence, it’s vital to include as many actual images from your clinic as possible, rather than generic stock photos. Genuine photos will better appeal to potential patients, giving them a glimpse into your clinic’s ambiance and procedures.

After uploading photos, Google will offer the option to create a Google Ads campaign for your business. However, to focus solely on Google My Business for Medical Spa, you can skip this step. If you’re interested in creating Google Ads for your practice, you can refer to our article on how to do so.

Now that you’ve set up the basic information for your business profile, clicking ‘Continue’ will grant you access to your Google My Business account for Medical Spa.

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4. Optimizing your Google My Business account for Medical Spa

By accessing your Google My Business dashboard, you’ll find various settings on the left vertical menu that you can optimize for your Medical Spa business profile.

4.1 Why is it crucial to optimize your GMB account?

The Google map pack typically appears at the top of the first page of search results. Studies indicate that 95% of organic traffic goes solely to the first page of Google results. This emphasizes the importance of ranking high in the map pack, as it will generate more leads and potential patients for your Medical Spa practice. To enhance your ranking, you can refer to Google’s tips on improving map pack rank. Additionally, we will guide you on optimizing your Google My Business for Medical Spa.

4.2 Utilizing the posting feature for your Medical Spa practice

Posting content is an indirect way to communicate with potential patients, allowing you to share updates about your medical spa. As individuals seeking Medical Spa conduct extensive research, providing more information through posts can help them make informed decisions.

Creating a post simply requires clicking on the ‘Posts’ tab in the left menu and selecting ‘Create your first post’.

You have various categories to choose from when creating a post, such as ‘Covid-19 Update’, ‘Offer’, ‘What’s New’, ‘Event’, and ‘Product’. We recommend incorporating relevant photos into each post, as visuals play a powerful role in capturing the attention of potential patients. Real images or non-generic stock photos are recommended to provide an accurate representation of your clinic and procedures.

Here are some ways to leverage the posting feature of Google My Business for Medical Spa:

  • Sharing discounts and promotions
  • Providing updates about your clinic
  • Posting inspirational content
  • Announcing events and celebrations
  • Sharing interesting facts
  • Showcasing products (if applicable)

To maintain an active online presence, we recommend posting content at least three times per week. This signals to Google that your business is active and ready to accommodate patients. For more information on posting through Google My Business for Medical Spa, you can refer to our article.

4.3 Ensuring completeness and accuracy of your business profile information

Under the ‘Info’ tab, you’ll find all the basic information you previously provided during the creation of your business profile. It’s crucial to review each piece of information for accuracy and ensure that no essential details are missing. A complete business profile is another factor that contributes to ranking high in the Google map pack.

Business name, category, and address

Double-check that your business name, category, and address are correct. You have the option to add multiple categories to your profile to ensure accurate matching with different search queries. If your services include home visits or deliveries, you can indicate the relevant service area.

Business hours, contact number, and website information

Ensure that your business hours are accurately set and provide the correct contact number and website URL. These details are essential as they enable potential patients to contact you via calls or website visits. Properly setting business hours also prevents patients from contacting your clinic outside of operating hours.

Products and services

To add products, if applicable

click on ‘Add or edit products’ and you will be directed to the products tab. Here, you can input the product name, category, price, description, and even add a call-to-action button.

For services, you can list all the services offered at your medical spa clinic, providing additional information to promote your services.

Clinic attributes

Including business attributes in your profile offers more information about your clinic, such as the amenities you provide, languages spoken, appointment requirements, values, and more. These attributes contribute to a comprehensive understanding of your clinic among potential patients.

Business description and opening date

A business description is crucial for potential patients to gain a brief understanding of the kind of medical spa you are. Highlight your achievements, unique offers, and any other information that will pique the interest of potential patients. Additionally, setting your opening date provides insight into the establishment of your practice or clinic.

Regarding photo settings, you can skip this step for now as we will address it separately.

5. Reviewing insights, managing reviews, and messaging options

5.1 Google My Business insights

Once your business profile is verified and active, you’ll begin receiving insights on your Google My Business account as data accumulates. It’s essential to keep your business profile active by regularly posting content and updating information. These insights can be viewed for specific durations, such as a week, month, or quarter. Utilize the data to study the behavior of potential clients and better optimize your business profile.

Insights provide information on where customers view your business on Google (map pack or search), their actions (visits, requests for directions, calls), photo views, and the quantity of photos compared to competitors.

Reviews on your business profile

Reviews hold great significance for your business profile. Research shows that 98% of potential customers read reviews for local businesses before making decisions. This is particularly significant in the healthcare industry, where reviews heavily influence the decision-making process of potential patients.

Therefore, it’s essential to request honest reviews from past patients to enhance the credibility of your practice and build trust with your audience. 

Furthermore, it is important to respond to each review in a timely manner. According to the same study, 89% of consumers state that they are more likely to choose a service provider that responds to reviews. Responding to reviews showcases your business’s responsiveness to patients’ feedback.

6. Messaging option

If you don’t have an alternative messaging platform, you can utilize the messaging feature within Google My Business for Medical Spa. This provides potential patients with the option to directly message you.

However, it’s important to prioritize being highly responsive. If you don’t have the time to reply to messages on GMB because you utilize other platforms, 

you can skip this feature. Additionally, consider incorporating email marketing as a means of connecting with your patients.

7. Uploading photos of your Medical Spa practice

We strongly recommend uploading as many photos as possible. Studies indicate that business profiles with over 100 photos receive more clicks, requests for directions, and phone calls from Google map pack.

When uploading photos, be sure to include your business logo and a cover photo, as these are crucial for establishing your brand. The 360-view of your clinic location will be automatically included by Google. It’s also beneficial to upload pictures of your clinic’s interior, exterior, staff, and any relevant videos.

The Google My Business website feature

As mentioned earlier, there’s no need to worry if you don’t have a website, as GMB provides the feature to create and design your website within the platform. It’s free, easy to navigate, offers various templates and designs, and is automatically mobile-responsive.

If you wish to change the URL of your website to reflect your branding and credibility, you can also purchase a domain.

While the GMB website builder is valuable, marketers typically recommend having a stand-alone website for your business. The GMB website limits certain search engine optimization features, which can affect your website’s ranking on the first page of Google. This is due to restrictions such as inability to add alt-text to images and limited website options.

The cosmetic industry is growing increasingly competitive, especially during the current pandemic. With the flexibility of working from home during recovery, the demand for medical spa has surged.

Hence, it’s essential to elevate your marketing strategies for your Medical Spa practice, including utilizing Google My Business for Medical Spa. This platform is one of the best ways to enhance the visibility of your practice and generate more leads. If you desire a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored to your medical spa clinic, schedule a free consultation with our experts today!

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