• How do I take advantage of Cosmetic Medical Consulting internet and website marketing services?

    Contact us, and one of our consultants will follow up with you shortly to discuss your individual needs and expectations.

  • How do I register and pay for the online training course?

    Simply fill in all mandatory fields in the registration page and you will be forwarded to an online payment website.

  • After I register for the online business start-up course, how do I login?

    After you submit your payment, you will be directed to a page the says "Click here to login and start the course." This will bring you to the Member Login page. Here you can use your email address and password created at the time of registration to login.

  • Once I login, how do I start my online training course?

    After logging in, you will be brought to your "Course List." By clicking "Launch," you will be directed to the online training module. To begin viewing the videos, you must first read the mandatory information by clicking: "General Information and Course Completion Instructions - MUST VIEW TO CONTINUE." Once you have reviewed this information you can click "Return to Course Outline" at the top of the page to be directed to your list of videos.

  • Who is your lead instructor?

    Our lead instructor is Dr. Jay Park. He was a medical director of two medical spas and weight loss centers in South Florida. His practice was the second largest account for Allergan, leading to many distinctions for his two practices. Cosmetic Medical Consulting has incorporated that same successful business and marketing savy approach to the content of the instructional material.